Thursday, September 8, 2011

My mum Joining the Choir group, next stop...line dancing!

I am glad that my ever dearest mother will finally going to join an activity here in our community.  

I had been encouraging her to find something that interests her....
She is a very talented person and i am sure that she can find something interesting.
Just so that she can go socializing while enjoying her stay here with me.

Anyways, One day she came home ...
She told me that she went to the community center, met a few older ladies -- she was having fun talking to them and they managed to get her to join their "choir group".  How great is that?!  

I was so ecstatic to hear that she is positively going to join the group.  
To add to  my happiness she were planning to join the line dancing at the same community.  
Isn't great!~ 

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