Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wow my son, One silly Night!

Look at the face of this boy!....

This is what happened when "they said they are not tired, but......they have to go to bed anyway because it's bed time and school day tomorrow"

It does make me smile, no matter how annoyed i am with what he had done to his face.

My kids had a very fun bedtime routine, especially with their Dad.  "Thinking about it, my heart always sing for joy!", thanking God for the wonderful husband (He is the most perfect gift from God to me aside for my life).

I am not really sure if i am going to change the bedtime routine of my children or just let it be.  Because they were always happy, before they go to sleep.  It is so important for me.

When all the bathing, brushing the teeth and getting change into pajama's were over, my kids always informed both me and my husband who's turn it is to put them in bed (Memory lost all the time and red wine isn't helping either), Then reading time.  

My daughter had her own fun play after -- 5minutes to lie down with her, i am not allowed to count but only her.  then after that we had the "no sloppy kisses" goodnight kissessssssss....... which ended up tickling game.

My Son in the other hand, only had this play with Dad.  After the goodnight kiss to his mommy he will wait for his Dad.  Because as we all know boys like physical stuff... He will say goodnight and kiss his Dad while at the same time jumping at his Dad. I wonder where he get his energy after the whole day playing soccer at school then climbing trees when he got home, things every parent can't explain!.

My son always come out some silly excuses to come out of his bed.  Lately he always came out and told us that he is not sleepy but we ask him to go to bed anyway because it is school day the next day. Then one night he only came out once, then quite.  Once it is quite in our house, there's always something going on; either my daughter or my son done something silly.

This time it is my son.  My husband went to the bedroom to check both of them and that face up there is what he found.

He called me to come to the bedroom and see what he had done.  I can't stop laughing...while, my son is annoyed because i make fun of his face.  I asked him why did you do that? he is trying to make a silly face.

Mission accomplished Son!

Here he is...early in the morning.
I look at his face this morning and still able to give me a good laugh, while having my coffee and toast.
I need to help him while he was taking shower in the morning to wipe away that ink on his face! 

What a great day it is!


  1. Don't worry. It will wash off by the time he's thirty.


  2. @ Joyce, Thanks for the drop and good laugh. I am glad i don't need to wait till he is thirty, i manage to wipe it off after a few whinings...that would be a disaster.

  3. you are really blessed to have an amazing husband!:) and wonderful kids.:)

  4. How funny! One of my grandsons is four years old and he recently was seen with the same drawing on his face. "I have a mustache now, Grandma. I'm just like my Dad"
    Bless their little hearts!

  5. @Lauren

    I just love to see my little kids do such funny things, my daughter covered her hands and face with paint too!. It is just one of those things and it is something funny to tell them when they grow older.


"Every day is a good day to learn something new"

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