Friday, February 17, 2012

Play with me mommy!

I am trying really, really hard to post something.  I need to blog and why? because i love blogging.  I envied people who manage to post something every now and then. 
It's a matter of time management isn't it?

Here's what I would like to share today.

How often do you play with your children?
I was just wondering, how many parents actually playing with their children?
Does it bore you? 
have you forgotten how to play with your children already?

I was reading the other night that parents have forgotten how to play with their children.  
Although this post that I had read was a year older I still find it useful for me as a parent.  

I started asking myself, how often did I play with my children? 
Am I too busy with my new mobile phone or playing with the addictive game online?

 I am not bad actually. 
I was playing race with my son and daughter the other day, We were helping each other with the puzzles and even when their having a bike ride I ran along with them .... but
I still have plenty of room to improve.

Here's one comment that I like so much.

Make the time invest in your kids happiness and play times the dividends will come later in life.

There's one thing that me and my husband made sure: that we first give the (5)five minutes of our time to say ask the children how's their school, to say hello, give them a hug or play with them after our busy day at work and they will be fine.

Try it!

"Play is vital to a child's development. It improves the way they interact, communicate and develop key life skills. Play should be educational and inspirational but above all, it should be fun."

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Back Blogging

There are certain times when you just got too busy.  But now i finally manage to come back blogging, hopefully i can continue to find a way to squeeze a little time to post.

I was thinking of, instead of focusing my blog to one subject -- I will just make it open to what ever happen around me.  I think that is better that way, make it a journal about my interests, experiences etc...not just parenting.

I was also learning digital scrap booking which i never got the chance to learn it further.  
I really need to learn to manage my time ... this time! more thing,  I was learning to tweak bloggers websites a long time ago and i want to play around this time again. So i might going to post a few tutorials along the way to share to everybody.  Just simple and easy to follow tutorials.

Thanks for reading ... got to go!
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