Monday, October 10, 2011

What is your Parenting Style?

I was browsing my old work papers today and I saw a copy explaining "different types of parenting style".  It was given to me 5 years ago, I kept it for my own perusal.  It was forgotten, was hidden behind piles and piles of reading materials.

So i thought i will share it here, Have a good read and try to see what type of parent are you?

Authoritative parenting 
The demanding and responsive parents, also called balanced parenting.  The parents character described as child center approach with high expectation with their childrens maturity.  
  • Treating Children with Respect
  • Encourages independence, originality, teach the children to speak their mind, listen to their children's point of view, open communication.
  • Give their children a clear, firm and consistent guidelines.
  • Limits and boundaries are set.
  • Parents believes that developing a close, loving and nurturing relationship with their children in important.
This parenting style have enough space for everyone to equally enable their personal growth, respect each other and give and take in the family.  Balances are clear, recognized and respond the demands of all family members.

Authoritarian parenting 
   Sergeant Major or brick wall Parents also called as strict parenting.  Parents with strict rules which are developed with little recognition of the child's wishes or opinions and they are rigidly enforced.
  • seeks unquestionable  obedience and respect for authority
  • Method of discipline tends to be harsh and punitive
Here's the sad part of this parenting -- Children tends to be dependent, easily led, have low self esteem and eventually more like to reject their parents and their values.

Indulgent parenting 
  Jellyfish Parents, responsive but not demanding parents Also called permissive parenting.  Parents with this style struggles with setting boundaries and limits.  They avoid conflict at all costs and will back down if it looks like the child is getting upset. 
  • prefer to rescue their children and do the thinking for them, hoping that it will improve the relationship.
  • This style often results in children feeling insecure and abandoned.
Here's the Sad Part of this parenting --  Children tends to be insecure, lacking direction, easily led by peers and have difficulty solving their own problems.

Neglectful parenting  
uninvolved, unavailable parents.  Dismissive, unresponsive and undemanding towards the child type of parents. The Emotional involvement towards the child is missing, they provide only the basic needs of the child.
  • Parents have a very low love and limits to their children.
  • Uncaring, unresponsive and undemanding parents.
  • psychologically unavailable to their children.
  • selfish parents, their needs is always their first priority.
  • unable to teach or encourage their children.
  • Children are often socially incapable due to social isolation. 
Here's the Sad Part or this parenting -- Children will struggle to manage their own life due to their neglectful childhood.

Attachment Parenting
This parenting style encourages the parents to be tuned in with the individual needs of their children.  This parents focused on holistic understanding of their children, accomplishes discipline through interactions recognizes the their child's primary needs and avoiding physical punishment.  Parents creating a strong emotional bond with their children.

I looked online what are the other types of parenting out their, I was amazed how many styles their are.  
If you are curious just like me of what really is your parenting style? 
just for fun! but also great knowledge.

"Everyday is an opportunity to learn new things, Make the most of it"


  1. Well, I think I am probably the Attachment Parenting. I have 2 adult children and one who is 14 and none of the other examples sound like them. My children are all pretty well balanced. Thank goodness! I am going to try your quiz for fun too!

  2. Hello NeeNee, Thank you for stopping by and leave me a comment i really appreciate it.

    I think there are so many parent will fall to that category too! i would like to say, that i definitely a combination of authoritative and attachment parenting.

  3. I think I'm both Authoritative and Attachment parenting style. Especially I got 2 baby kiddos. Dropping by sis. :)

  4. Hey Mel,

    It is great to know which parenting style we belonged to and this list gave us an idea to which style can help us develop our children positively.

  5. i'm a little bit indulgent and attachment parenting. I guess there is no wrong or right in parenting because what we really want is the best for our children. Visiting here.

    Hope you can visit and join our Green Monday Meme,


  6. @mygreenlivingideas

    Thanks for dropping by. I agree with you that there is no wrong or right in parenting.

    What we want is for our children to grow up as a better person, and to learn that there are positive parenting tools that can help us guide our children to develop each crucial stage of their life.

    Thanks and will definitely visit your site.


"Every day is a good day to learn something new"

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