Saturday, September 17, 2011

Family Bonding, how important!

Now a days every parents are busy with everything. 

When was the last time you spend time with your family?
I find it really important to have quality time with children and husbands.  

I don't have playstation at home anymore.

I want my children to have a better childhood ... i know every parent want the same of course.
But for me...., not around electronics.
-- My Daughter at the back of our house climbing the tree with her brother --

We have a tree at the back of our house, that is the place where i'd rather see my children climbing or running outside our backyard chasing balls or play with anything they can find around the house that are safe.

Of course, i did not completely isolate them with electronic. 
But it is limited. 

Outside play is better, They can stretch their arms and legs.  It is much more healthier for them.

Anyway, back to my topic.
--Bonding Moment -- 
My son always enjoyed the moment when we went to the park or to the beach together as a family.  Me and my husband were both always hands on when it comes with our children.  We want to be part of their positive experience and remembered us to be much more part of their childhood.  Not just being a parent but the fun part.

We always make sure that we give time for them. 

-- My children with their Dad after out bush walk --
There was one day when we visited a new park, at the back had a place where we can bush walk and both of my children enjoyed the long walk and at the end of the trail is a beach.  It did not bother them that it is quite long walk even climbing the hill. I was puffing out of breath -- I was even worried with my little girl, with those little legs.  But she never showed any sign of being tired, she was just constantly talking to me.
-- My Daughter asking me to hurry up, while i was struggling and puffing. --

When the day finally finished...before bedtime, my children asked us again to do another bush walking.

So now our next plan...
An hour or so of bush walking with our children and probably camping during Christmas holiday.
We will just have to wait for the weather to be a little bet better or wait for summer.
Here in New Zealand, It is spring season and it just started.  But i am sure we can find some other ways to enjoy our spring weekends.  OUTDOOR -- In the garden perhaps... :)

Not just my children are looking forward to these adventure...I myself definitely looking forward to go camping and bush walking never mind the puffing and short of breath I know it makes me more healthy too! double purpose -- (me grinning).

For me, family bonding is much more important -- It's a good balance of life i supposed --
What about you?


  1. Thanks for the kind comments on my cards Iris...and I agree with you about spending more time with our families :)

  2. I miss my children so much at this moment as I've left them so stay with my parent for some nursery issue since me and my husband are both working. I like the family bonding issue. I'm pregnant to my 3rd one right now and will deliver on November. It's time to get my 2 other kids to stay with us again. It has been almost 6months plus..I would really love to have those special moments with my kids. Thanks for the post. It reminds me a lot. :)

  3. @ Colleen, you're welcome. You're cards are truly beautiful. It shows how creative you are.

    @Kenny, Things happen for a reason. You and your children are going to have wonderful time together and i am sure they miss you too so much. November is two month ahead, God bless to your next delivery and hope you have a safe delivery.

  4. @ typhoon doodng..thanks for the visit.


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