Friday, September 23, 2011

Annoying bug around...

I hate getting sick.  
When your a mother and a wife the last thing you want to happen is to get sick.

There's a bug hanging around here in Auckland.
The winter season just left, it's a start of spring season.
My Mum, never get sick ever since she got back here in New Zealand
Now, she catch this annoying bug.

Started with watery eyes, headache and feeling so tired.  She felt like she never had enough sleep.
Then later, stuffy nose and congestion.  She was even shaking, felt cold then warm on and off.

Three days after, i got the same virus.
Catching the cold virus is the last thing i want. 
I was thinking oh noh...NO WAY!!!!
Dishes is not going to be done, my laundry and even can't help with my kiddos when needed.

I was talking to my friend the day before i catch the cold.  I told her that i felt like i am going to catch the cold that my Mum has.  My throat is dry and tickling.  
She told me "You are definitely going to get it".
She told me that she just recovered from cold, she had it right after her son.
She told me to have some ginger tea or lemon with honey, for early intervention.
My friend gave me a honey fresh out from her backyard for "FREE" from her Bee keeping business.  She just drove up to my house to give me the honey, left it outside my doorstep.  Then called me later, she don't want to disturb me (She thought i was taking some rest).
My indian friend cooked me my favorite chicken curry, so that i don't need to cook anymore.
(I am lucky that i have a few friends that are very nice and caring).
My husband came home with cough syrup, paracetamol and lozenges (A very caring husband too!)
I thank God for the wonderful people around me...

The day after i got the cold virus, my daughter's got mild fever.
 She still active and running around but i can tell that she is unwell.

I had read from kidshealth website that children fever is actually helps our child's body fight off infections.

I just don't like to watch my children to get sick, they looked so helpless.  I just do the best i can then leave the rest to the ______________ medicine?

I just hate Flu and cold.
It's a weird feeling, it's like a combination of everything.

I am glad my husband's got Flu injection and i am glad that my children's didn't get this sickness very often.

 As for me...I can manage.
My laundry is being done, my dishes are being washed and i have food on the table.

By the way, my loving husband cooked our dinner last night...we had barbecue.
He said it's yum but...all i can imagine is it is....but at the moment i don't have taste at all.
Lucky them!

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