Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!


What does it mean to you? 
It is not easy to be called Daddy or to be a Father.

To be a father is very exciting and interesting thing that ever happen to a every male.  It is a big step to be a father, it involved responsibility, more patience and understanding.  You need some energy too especially when you have a little boy.

I must say that every Daddy should be hand on when it come to their children.

Every time i look at my husband and children having fun, running around outside, chasing or kicking ball i felt happy and blessed.  I always say to myself that i am the most lucky woman because i have a very loving husband.

On the first Sunday of the month of September, the Father's day is celebrated.
I treat this day a very special day for my husband.

To my husband...
My wonderful friend...
Father of my children...

I and our children are not complete without you...
every end of the day we cannot wait for you to come home!

You are the most important and we all love you :)
Happy Fathers Day!!!

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