Wednesday, October 5, 2011

TV for kids - Is it Necessary or Bad?

Parenting is such a confusing matter.  

I say this because some parents say's "Oh! your reading too much parenting book". while some parents give you some parenting books to read.
I liked to observe, then learn from it.  
Most of the time things confuses me but then again my gut tells me to follow my instinct.
why confuse myself, right?

I met one parent who say's TV is bad for your they did not allow their children to watch TV even if it is children's program.

One parent say's it is necessary, just to occupy themselves and so that she can have a 20minutes relaxing time sipping hot coffee (Time for herself)

So which parent are you?

I am the one that letting my children to watch their TV program. I limit their time though.  They have to take turn, and only on the KIDS channel (Dora the explorer etc...).  I don't felt any guilt about it at all because, when their tv program ends they will be outside running around, climbing tree's, playing in the sand pit or on the swing...
"I believe, it is a balance of life"
I maybe wrong but i just do what i think is best for my children.
They hardly watch TV during the school day because when my son got home, he will play outside on the swing or on top of the tree.

Some parents think it is cheating and bad/Evil to let your child to watch TV.
I don't have to chose which one is right though because each parent is different.  We have different parenting style that works for our children and we all want the best for our little angel.

  For curiosity sake, I want to know your view about this matter. 

What do you think?


  1. Parenting is really a confusing matter. Each parent has their own views on anything but just like you I also believe in a balanced life so I let my children watch tv, play games on computer and celphone but for a limited time only with my supervision and after doing their assignments or household chores.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and with regards to the paint stain you are asking, I still haven't tried anything on how to remove them.

    Have a nice day and happy parenting.

  2. I agreed with you, that they can do everything so long as household chores and assignments are done. Thanks for stopping by Grace, I love reading your blog..i will visit you back and read again soon.

  3. Everything in moderation. All day everyday, no. Few shows here and there, come on now... everyone needs a break.


"Every day is a good day to learn something new"

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