Friday, November 4, 2011

Importance of your childs first three years

Before i started working around children, my parenting toolbox is not much full.  

I was only referring to my experience as an auntie to my nephew and niece that i looked after many years ago -- And being a mother. Of course we learned through experience and it is the best educator.  I was been a full time mother until my son turned 1 1/2 -- i was working part time after that.  When my second child came, i found it very challenging for me to go back to work force.  My son is at kindergarteen and my daughter was still so young. But i want to have something to do another channel for me aside from looking after my most loved family.  So I have chosen a job that i can still look after my own child and at the same time i am learning and earning.

I work from home.

During this period of time with children, i learned a lot.  My parenting toolbox is getting full and i am enjoying all the experiences I had.  I learned from other parents who shared their wonderful experiences and struggles, hardship and tears of joy.

I have learned that the first three years of my child's life is very important.  This is the very important development stage for them. Every year I have joined seminars and conference to understand children and improve my parenting skills. Every time the seminar ends i feel that i am more informed.  I know that their so much to learn and I am enjoy every single one of this experience.

I would like to share to you some that i learned, after all this is site is all about sharing my parenting toolbox.

Please Read and watch the video clip about The importance of the first years...I was so amazed after my conference with brainwave, they have shared some of their research about the brain development of children in their early stage of life.  They have shown the different upbringing and experiences of and each brain connection.
"Giving your child plenty of love and attention will benefit their cognitive capacity, their intellectual performance, and a range of other neurological and behavioural outcomes that will influence how well they will do in life"
Simple positive experience such as family day every sunday, with full attention from mum and dad is enough for the children.

One of many things I love to watch everyday! -- Watching my husband gave that 15minutes of his time when he got home from work to our children (No matter how tired he is).

Fill up that "bottle of joy" of your children and they will be okay for a very long time until they emptied them again. And when they come to you, no matter what you do STOP! just give them that "Hug" until they are ready to get back to their play again.

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