Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Use Encouragement

I was so happy listening to my son using the word "Encourage".

It was all started when we had our usual sunday out and about (Family Day), we all went to the park.  The park is perfect place for them to play because both of my children usually not satisfied to just play in the playground area.  They always looked for a more challenging area to explore.

Both of my children were so excited.  When we got to the park, my son found a slide which is much more bigger than the rest and ultimately slid repeatedly.  Whereas my Daughter ran straight to the swing.  Her brother came to invite her because he was having fun, and wanted to share that fun with his baby sister.  Being an inquisitive girl as she is, she went to the slide with her brother.  But she got to the top she got scared and climbed back down the stairs, repeatedly saying "Im scared ARJ, Im scared!" -- ARJ is my sons nickname.

So my daughter left my son and went back to the swing.  My son was not satisfied so he went back to see his sister and asked her again .....and again..... and again.
I thought i need to intervene.

I asked my son to give her some space, she will go back to try again when she felt she is ready.

He shrugged said okay and left, ran back to the slide area and carry on playing.

Then later on, i saw him ran back to his sister.  I can't hear what he was saying because i was a bit far from both of them.
Then i saw her walk with him, went up to the stairs on the way to the slide.  
So then i realized he never gave up and encouraged his sister to try again.

I waited at the bottom of the slide, i  can hear him encouraging her because it was echoing through the slide.
She slid first --- i can hear her S C R E A M!.
Her face appear with a HUGE smile...she was so excited telling me that she is not SCARED anymore.
Ran back up to the stairs again and slid over and over again.

My son came out next... stand next to me.  I waited for him to say something because i can see it in his eyes (A Proud Big Brother).

He said -- See mommy! she is not scared anymore, she is having fun now.  
"I am encouraging her to try again, i use Encouragement"

I was praising both of them.  

For my daughter -- to show that she is brave.  "SCARED" is such a big feeling for her. 
For my son -- to  never give up and use a positive way of encouraging his sister.

And so am I -- A proud Mother!


  1. It's really so heartwarming for us parents to witness our kids do things that we have taught them. Teaching them the right values, encouraging them and supporting them are our mission in life, and we always hope that they learn enough of these things from us that they are able to share this to others as they grow older.

  2. @Pearl

    Hello, This is the best reward that we can get than anything else. we can see that all of our efforts are working.


"Every day is a good day to learn something new"

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