Saturday, October 29, 2011

Help developing your childs fine motor Skills

I love this activity because my child developing her skills in  many ways -- 
  • To hold her scissors securely and safely. 
  • Developing her fine motor coordination
  • Developing her Hand-eye coordination
  • Learn how to master her crayon and pencil control. 
In a few months my daughter is going to a primary school(Elementary) Yey!.  
She is excited and cannot wait, because she can join her brother and feeling like a big girl now! 
So now...what i am doing?
The same as what the all the other mother do -- i am preparing her so that she won't struggle.

Here's one of the activity me and my kids were enjoying.
And to help developing her skills.

To start this Activity you need to use:
  1. Template.  You can download it HERE.
  2. Crayons
  3. pipe cleaner
  4. Scissors 
Ask your child to cut the template.  This is great for your child's motor skills development.
Ask your child to draw prints or....
Color the template.  DO the same thing on the other side of the template.

Here's the sample ...

Then, fold the template using the "in and out pattern".

Here are the different look of the butterfly they made.

I hope you enjoy this activity and try it with your children. 
I found this activity a very relaxing and you get to bond with your children and for them!?....
It is a very special moment!

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