Monday, October 3, 2011

Oh! Mother -- Where did i go wrong!?!

I don't know about you.  
But -- i am a Mother, who happens to always think about my parenting skills.  
I know... no one is perfect, particularly the "parenting" part.

 I always criticised myself, even though i know that "NO ONE IS PERFECT"
I do not want to use it as an excuse for the poor behaviour of my children.
It's not that my children are behaving badly, because they are not. 

I was enjoying my peace and quite time, then suddenly out of the blue my daughter screamed from the top of her lungs.  I thought she was hurt or worse, she just needed some help with her toys.
So Depressing :(

There are just times where...
  • I need to remind my daughter to use the word instead of cry.
  • I need to ask my son to not to shout -- instead, use the inside voice.
I looked at the other children and asked myself, why does my children do this things while the other didn't?

Anyway's, most of the time i settled myself and stop thinking about it.
I'd say ... my kids will be fine.

All i can do is ......
Give them the best i can and make everything in balance.

When i reminded my daughter about using the words, she will happily obeyed anyway and happy to be reminded as well as my son!

Every parents has it's own challenges, it's just a matter of how we face them i think
I think i just need to slow down about reprehending myself over everything.

What about you?
What other challenges are you facing with your children? 
please do share!
i would love to hear them.

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