Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fun Walking Games Idea's

I did a lot of walking with my children, and i enjoyed it.  The only time that is really annoying is when my son whines.  

I am sure a lot of parents been through this but I read one parenting book about walking games, since then walking with my children is fun and exciting.
Here are a few games I had tried
01   I Spy - This is my children's favorite.  We can get to our destination by just playing this one  game.  I am sure everyone knows how to play I spy but to those who have forgotten here's how to play it.  
  • Look around and silently select an object that can be seen by all the players.
  • Say, "I spy with my little eye," and then give some description of the object, such as "something beginning with letter C" or "something square" or "something small." etc...
  • You have to take turns with the other player trying to guess what the object is.
  • Who ever guess it right, will get the turn or you can assign who comes next.  With children, i think the best is to assign the next player, that way everything is in order and every one are happy.
 02 Safari Time - Look as many different kind of living things as you can.  Model the game so that  the children can understand how it done.  Children love to pretend, pretending as the safari guide is great fun for them.  Taking turn is always works a magic.
03  What can you hear - Let each child choose two to three sounds that they listen for while out walking.  Sounds like car horn, a dog barking, birds tweeting.  During the walk, each child listens out for their sounds.  This exercise developing their listening skills.
04 - Letter Boxes Numbers - My daughter stops at every letter boxes and look at each number. My Daughter learned the basic numbers and was having fun.
05 - Tell me the color - Colors of anything.  Flowers, road signs, house, doors, cars etc...  While having fun kids learn about colors.

There's so much out there that we can do as parents to make walking with our children fun.  Walk is free, great exercise for children.  Walk and talk with your children is amazing time to get connected with them more.  Talking about their school, friends, what is their happiest part of the day and what is the sad part of their day.  You will be surprised how much they open up this way.

BUSH WALKING is my son's favorite family time. 

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